An introduction to the usefulness of centreless lathes

An introduction to the usefulness of centreless lathes


The centreless lathe is mainly used to process the outer skin of round steel as well as long round metal materials such as tubes. The machine can quickly and efficiently remove the decarburised layer, cracks and other defects from the surface of the bars.

The centreless lathe is suitable for processing various metal materials such as: structural steel, alloy steel, spring steel, bearing steel, tool steel and other ferrous materials; copper and copper alloy, aluminium and aluminium alloy, magnesium alloy, titanium and titanium alloy and other non-ferrous materials.

The hydraulic pressing device of the centreless lathe adopts a special hydraulic circuit design, which has high main and feed speeds, plus easy adjustment and short auxiliary time when replacing batch workpieces of different diameters, so it is extremely efficient. The design has a long holding time, saves power and energy, has good self-locking capacity, is accurately positioned and reliably pressed, and is easy to adjust and facilitate operation.    

The centreless lathe is characterised by its high practicality, stable machining process, high speed, high efficiency and good surface quality. Online tool adjustment is possible during machining. With the addition of detection points, closed-loop online fully automatic material diameter control can be achieved.

The front and rear guiding system can automatically centre the workpiece, thus ensuring concentric machining, and easy adjustment and high machining accuracy. The whole line is highly automated. The material travel speed can reach 12m/min.

The centreless lathe is equipped with two control systems, automatic and manual, and is used in a chain. The machine is used for round steel peeling, precision straightening and calendering, and is a new generation of special equipment for the finishing of slender shafts, silver bright steel (bright material), bars and steel tubes, and the company undertakes the processing of bars and steel tubes peeling, grinding, polishing and precision straightening.

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