How to improve the grinding process of CNC roll grinding machine
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How to improve the grinding process of CNC roll grinding machine


The grinding accuracy and grinding efficiency of CNC roll grinding machines directly affects the quality and production efficiency of sheet rolling. Today, let's share with you how to improve grinding process of CNC roll grinder.

1. Improve the accuracy of guide rail

According to the accuracy requirements of the bed V-guide, bed plane guide, trailing plate seat V-guide and trailing plate seat plane guide, fit and scrap the guide to improve contact accuracy.

2. Improve the transmission accuracy of screw by adjusting the preload force and axial clearance of ball screw

For CNC roll grinding machine, ball screws are commonly used for transmission. Therefore, the transmission accuracy of ball screw has a great impact on roll grinder's accuracy. Taking the double nut adjustment method as an example, it can adjust the clearance of the individual nuts mounted to the screw, to make mechanic adjustment, with the axial clearance generally adjusted to around 0.005 mm.

After the nut clearance has been adjusted, the shims are fitted. If the torque is within the range required by the drawing, the shim will be fitted according to the size of the block; if the torque is not within the range required by the drawing, the block will be replaced and the torque will be measured again until it meets the requirements.

3.Improve the accuracy of spindle bearing

For the dynamic pressure bearing, repair and scrape the shaft to make the contact point reach 12~14 points/25mm×25mm, so as to ensure that the clearance between the grinding wheel spindle and the shaft is adjusted to 0.0025~0.005 mm.

And for the hydrostatic bearing, check whether the front and rear bearing oil pressure is normal, to ensure that the clearance reach 0.0025~0.005 mm.  The radial runout of the grinding wheel spindle should be 0.001~0.002 mm.

4.Improve processing accuracy through the balancing grinding wheel

Static balance: After the grinding wheel piece is installed on the flange, the grinding wheel is installed on the grinding wheel spindle. The grinding wheel is taken off and put on the balance frame for static balance after diamond pen dressing.

The method is to adjust the three adjustment blocks in the direction of the flange circumference so that the grinding wheel can be stopped on the balancing frame in all four 90° positions of the circumference.

5. Choose the guide lubricant reasonably, improve the lubrication of the guide and avoid the crawling phenomenon.

6. Reduce heat generation and improve machining accuracy through the usage of live centers.

All the above aremethods for improving grinding process of CNC roll grinding machine, Please take as reference.

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