Roll Overview

Roll Overview


In the process of deep processing of metal materials, in order to make metal rolled products (e.g. metal sheets, metal strips, metal foils) achieve the physical form such as flatness, surface gloss and gloss uniformity required by the process technology, the metal rolled products need to be finely rolled to produce continuous plastic deformation in order to obtain the final product that meets the process technology requirements. In the above process, the main function of the components is to assume the rolls. The roll is the tool that makes the rolling material such as metal rolling products produce plastic deformation, and is an important loss component that determines the efficiency of the mill and the quality of the rolling material.

In the rolling process, the rolls themselves accuracy (such as roundness, roll shape and surface quality) on the rolling material plate shape and surface quality play a decisive role. In order to meet the technological requirements of the rolling process for the control of the sheet shape, the roll face bushes need to be processed into various special high-squares curves according to the different rolling process requirements, while the paired work rolls and support roll bushes need to be coupled and matched according to certain requirements.

In the rolling process, the rolls are subject to micron-level physical and chemical wear, resulting in the gradual loss of roll geometric accuracy (surface roughness, roundness and roll shape accuracy), which in turn reduces the quality of the rolled material and the efficiency of Huachen's precision equipment mills, and increases the number of defective or scrap rolls. Roll wear mechanism is complex, including mechanical stress, rolling high temperature oxidation, cooling, lubrication medium chemical action. In order to ensure product quality, the loss of precision rolls need to be repaired offline, restore the accuracy before continuing to use.

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