Development Trend of Roll Grinding Machine
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Development Trend of Roll Grinding Machine


1. Improvement of precision and efficiency 

The upgrading and transformation of industries such as machinery and equipment, automotive industry, shipbuilding industry, household appliances, power equipment, high-speed railway locomotives, etc., have created an urgent demand for quality, performance, precision, and stability of key basic components. The requirements for the grinding process in the production process continue to increase. CNC roll grinding machines, as one of the important production equipment in the machinery manufacturing industry, are developing towards stability, high efficiency, high precision, and other directions.

2.Intelligent manufacturing and informatization 

Automation and intelligence are benefical to improving the unmanned operation level of roll grinder, reducing the labor intensity of operators, improving the reliability of the system, and improving processing efficiency. Intelligent technology will be more conducive to improving the reliability and safety of equipment on the basis of automation technology. It is reflected in the system's ability to self-learn, generate the best grinding process parameters and detection indicators through big data analysis according to different working conditions and grinding requirements. It can realize automatically iterate and optimize the process during the grinding process, with feature of automatically simplify operation, and intelligent diagnosis and monitoring.

3.Flexible integration 

Flexible technology is one of the main means for the manufacturing industry to adapt to dynamic market demand and rapidly update products. It is conducive to improving the flexibility of CNC roll grinding machine's application. The key is to improve the reliability of the system as a prerequisite and focus on the development of network-integrated manufacturing systems from single-machine development. At the same time, the integration of different technologies, the combination of different design schemes, and the flexible application of the mechanical structure common platform will consolidate the integration and innovation advantages, and accelerate the speed of product updates. Currently, some domestic high-end producers of the roll grinding machine in China have begun to establish flexible production lines for intelligent grinding equipment to meet the requirements of industry integration.

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