Inspection content before roll grinder running
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Inspection content before roll grinder running


Before starting work, the following parts of the roll grinder should be inspected:

1) The oil level in the oil pool.

2) belt tightness

3) The protective cover and grinding wheel must be firmly installed and positioned correctly, and the dust-proof felt pad must be tightly attached.

4) Check whether the electrical system (motor, distribution box, safety light, wires, grounding wire) is in good condition, and the surrounding environment should be clean and free of short circuits.

5) Inject lubricating oil in sequence according to the lubrication locations specified in the user's manual of roll grinding machine.

6) Turn on the main power supply, start the oil pump and other motors in sequence, and pay attention to the operating status. If you find any abnormality or noise, you should turn off the power immediately. After inspection and treatment, you can run the roll grinder.

7) Start the roll grinder and let it idle for 3 minutes to check whether all parts are functioning normally and whether the coolant is flowing smoothly.

8) Before installing the grinding wheel, the grinding wheel should be prevented from getting wet. The grinding wheel should be done balance testing. Cracks on the grinding wheel are strictly prohibited.

9) When installing the grinding wheel, a 0.5~1.0mm paper pad must be placed between the grinding wheel and the pressure plate, and a special wrench should be used to tighten evenly. Do not use an extension tube to tighten to avoid the grinding wheel from exploding and cracking.

10) After the grinding wheel is installed, it should be run without load for 5 minutes. The operator should avoid the front side and confirm that the grinding wheel is operating normally before use.

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