Methanol to hydrogen equipment

Methanol to hydrogen equipment


Product characteristics

Methanol and water are decomposed and transformed to produce CO2 and H2 as well as trace CO and CH4 under the effect of certain temperature, pressure and catalyst, and the output product hydrogen is purified by variable pressure adsorption.

Decomposition reaction: CH3OH → CO + 2H2 - 90.7 kj/mol

Change reaction: CO + H2O → CO2 + H2 + 41.2 kj/mol

Total reaction: CH3OH + H2O → CO2 + 3H2 - 49.5 kj/mol

Technical characteristics.

1. Reasonable process structure, low methanol consumption, energy saving, low operating cost.

2. Imported high quality program control valve, high reliability, basically maintenance-free.

3. High degree of automation, unattended.

4. Reliable safety design ensures safe operation and operation.

5. Highly integrated equipment, exquisite and beautiful.

Brief description of the process:

After methanol and water are mixed in a certain ratio, it is heated up by heat exchange with the decomposition gas at the outlet of the reactor, and after vaporization and superheating, it enters the reactor, where it decomposes and transforms, and the decomposition gas is cooled by heat exchange with raw methanol and water, then after water cooling and washing and purification, it enters the output product hydrogen by variable pressure adsorption purification. The heat required for the reaction is provided by the heat supply device.

Technical parameters

Product hydrogen volume: 50~50000Nm3/h

Working pressure: 0.9~3.0MPa (special requirements can be customized)

Purity: 99%~99.999% adjustable

Operation flexibility: 30%~110%

Methanol consumption: 0.50~0.60kg/ Nm3H2

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